ETV personal video recorder

What does it look like?

Subtitles (new for beta-1)

Upon playback you can select between all subtitle pages which were available at the time of the recording.

The font is a normal proportional black-bordered onscreen-font, without the black boxes as per teletext-specifications. I prefer them this way as they look a lot more like on broadcast or DVD. Imagine: this 3-line BBC example covers up about 30-40% of the image with a normal TV... Only when they are right-aligned by the broadcaster they are shown more raggedly compared to the hardware teletext decoders (thanks to ETVs use of a proportional font).


Finding a title (new for alpha-9)

From the EPG a title-find module can be started. All words in a title are indexed and with the cursorkeys or an alpha-numeric keyboard a title can be found.

Finding a title

Partial export of recordings or LiveTV (new for alpha-8)

When playing a recording or watching liveTV a selected part of a recording can be copied. This export respects the cut/mark-points, so it can also be used to cut out slack (leading/trailing garbage and commercials).

From the moment the 'Record' button is pressed once, the part to be output is marked and shown on the positionbar (see the screenshot). A second buttonpress lets the frontend export the selection to a new recording.
(By the way: the underlying image in the screenshot is a dummy.)

Export partial recording

Onscreen help-info (new for alpha-8)

When entering data in forms a one-line helptext can be shown. If information entered in any field is invalid, a one-line warning is shown and the 'Save' button is disabled.

Information about entries

Warnings on wrong entries

Recording list folders (new for alpha-7)

Recordings can be ordened in folders.

Recordings in folders

Skinning & sizing (new for alpha-6)

Maybe a bit ridiculous set of screenshots, but they illustrate the principle. The first is from the ETV frontend started with the option '-size 800 240', the second with '-skin plain@800x600'. The skin is very ugly but is just included with ETV to demonstrate the workings of skinning while adding only a set of very minimal sized files to the download.



Editing (new for alpha-5)

This is the new editmodule, where you can place (and remove) markers and cutpoints. Upon playing every part from a cutpoint to the next marker will be skipped (the grey parts in the statusbar).

With the normal up/down keys the makers are used as bookmarks and playing starts from the next/previous bookmark.



These images were taken from the most recent version, but with a dummy for the video image. I can't grab hardware video overlays, and without using the dummy you'd only see a blue background...






Not fully representative of ETV anymore, but it might give some more impressions what it can do.

Main menu

EPG (zoom 1)

(zoom 1)

(zoom 1)

(zoom 1)

Program form

Program form

Scheduled by user

Setup menu

Category form

Channel form

Rule form

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