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ETV is my Personal Video Recorder (PVR). It can record TV programs which you request (or automatically according to your rules), and it can time-shift (viewing something while it is being recorded). In contrast to most PVRs to be found on the web, ETV is first of all designed to accomodate European TV habits.

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26 April 2005

Sad news: ETV is currently officially not being developed anymore.

The reason is mainly I got fed up with both linux and XP and will invest my energy in different hobbies for the moment. Another part of the reason is that I became less interested in TV lately. After I started using a projector to watch DVD's on a 2.4m wide screen I care a lot less about missing anything on TV (with the exception of the new "Doctor Who" on the BBC that is :-).
It is not just the image quality: it is also the lack of commercials, the lack of pan&scan, and watching the complete endtitles. And before these complaints will be mostly solved by HD broadcasts on the stations I watch we'll be a long way into the future.

Also a new PVR satellite receiver has been released (PVR-5020 by Echostar) which can record 4 programs at the same time - including teletext subtitles - with editing capabilities and a USB connection to a PC. Less noise and more stability than any PC I want in the living room. And for less money.
I don't own this beastie (yet?) but it sure made me realise that in this case DIY was more expensive than the off-the-shelf box.
For me this gadget would cover nearly all of my wishlist, but then again: I do not want an all-in mp3/photo/mail/weather solution in my livingroom. Other people have different wants: try MythTV, ShowShifter or Micro$ofts' Media solution - all of them I think top of the line in their part of the field.

It's been fun :-)


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